Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I haven't seen before

One of the joys of birding is that, almost every time I go out, I see something I've never seen before.

Today, as I entered Central Park at Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, I spotted a Red-Tailed hawk in a tree just inside the entrance. That's not unusual. Pale Male famously lives on Fifth, and one of this year's crop of his offspring has been roosting in a pine on Cedar Hill nearby. I think this was that young hawk.

What was unusual is that the tree also contained twenty-odd starlings. Hawk and starlings all sat peacefully together. I've never seen that before.

In the Ramble, I saw a Cooper's Hawk chase another Cooper's away from a Willow Rock. I don't think I've seen that, either. They were roughly the same size, and seemed rather large for Cooper's, so I guess both were female.

Two Carolina Wrens were among the birds at the Evodia feeders. Yay, the wrens didn't freeze to death! The Baltimore Orioles were there as well.

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