Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Varied Thrush in Stuyvesant Town

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Varied Thrush, Stuyvesant Town (New York City), December 2013

Finally made it down to Stuyvesant Town to see the Varied Thrush first seen by Ann Lazarus on Sunday. A beautiful day for it. I went in from 18th Street and First Avenue as suggested on NYSBIRDS-L and quickly located a group of people staring intently into some shrubbery. That's always a sign.

They pointed the bird out to me, hiding in some evergreen shrubs, just before he moved--into clear view for a few seconds, then disappearing into more shrubbery.

Then the waiting began. Juncos and White-Throated Sparrows foraged peacefully. People stopped top ask what we were all looking for. probably a couple of dozen in all, and they all seemed actually interested in the explanation.

A Hermit Thrush bounced across the area, and then a Robin flew out of the bushes we were staring at. Eventually, the right bird came out and perched in a tree close to the building, in shade. I got a few shots off, and then he flitted only a well-lit branch of a plain tree and I had time for two good frames before he flew up and father away into a more shadowed tree. I lent my binoculars to one of the curious passers-by then as I watched with the camera hoping for another good opportunity. Shortly afterwards we lost track of him.

I stayed a while longer--the bird didn't reappear--and decided to call it a good morning's birding. I see on the email list that he came back.

The last time I recall a Varied Thrush in Manhattan was January 2011. That one stayed until March, so I'm guessing there's time to see this one if you haven't done so. Very good-looking bird.

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Varied Thrush, Stuyvesant Town (New York City), December 2013

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