Sunday, December 29, 2013

Long-Eared Owl

Last week, while I was twitching the Varied Thrush in Stuyvesant Town, a Long-Eared Owl was giving people great views near Turtle Pond in Central Park. It was gone the next day. Then, at a Christmas party, a knowledgeable acquaintance told me of a spot nearby where such owls often roost in winter. I went a few times; no luck.

Saturday, I went up to Randall's Island again. It was pleasant enough--some Brant, a Peregrine Falcon, a Sharp-Shinned Hawk--but nothing new. Then I saw online that a Long-Eared Owl was in Central Park again. I made my way to the Ramble, and was told that on Friday there had been three at a certain location (I am following the convention that one doesn't discuss the exact location of active owl roosts, though I don't think it makes much sense for most owls in Central Park), and there was still one there.

Well, there was. Quite well-hidden in the top of a pine tree, a really terrible view mostly of owl butt. But it was a good enough view for David Barrett, so I guess that's my 176th species this year in New York County.

Not a very satisfying bird, though. Maybe it will be around tomorrow.

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