Monday, March 31, 2014

Rumors of... well, not warblers, yet.

Friday I saw my first Great Blue Heron of the year, a wonderful breeding-plumage bird, low in the willow at the end of The Point in Central Park Lake. A Black-crowned Night heron with breeding plume was in the same tree. Spring!

The GBH is my 83rd NY County species this year.

I see online that people have seen Winter Wrens at the Upper Lobe (and maybe elsewhere in the Ramble), a Field Sparrow at the Pin Oak swamp (the meadow in front of the Rustic Shelter), and there was a lingering Woodcock there and another northeast of Azalea Pond. Stephen Chang had a Golden-Crowned Kinglet in the Ravine/Loch area, and a Great Egret in Morningside Park, and Tom Fiore reported Chipping and Savannah Sparrows at the Great Hill (and a Savannah at the Sheep Meadow).

They're coming...

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