Sunday, May 25, 2014

A blue bird of happiness

Ed Gaillard: birds &emdash; Black-Throated Blue Warbler (female), Tanner's Spring, Central Park

I'm still working up a post about the various Empidonax flycatchers I saw the other day. In the meantime--Saturday morning I saw a report of an Eastern Bluebird in a meadow quite near the West 81st Street entrance to Central Park. Bluebirds are common in many places, but visit Manhattan only during migration and not in any numbers. I'm lucky to see one or two a year here, so I went to check it out.

Alas, I did not see the Bluebird. I think the increased activity in that part of the park as the morning went on probably made it seek a quieter meadow--there's plenty of suitable places in the park for a Bluebird to forage.

I did get to see a couple of warblers quite close up at Tanner's Spring nearby, including the female Black-Throated Blue Warbler shown above. She was all of four or five feet away from me. This species tends to be pretty confiding, but I've never been close enough to see the traces of blue on the female's head before.

The books generally call the female Black-Throated Blue "drab". I think that's a gorgeous little bird, myself.

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