Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bird buddies

You don't think of gulls as being companionable, but they'll loaf around together.

Ed Gaillard: birds &emdash; Ring-Billed Gulls, Muscota Marsh

Coots--practically the definition of cantankerous--like to just hang out sometimes.

Ed Gaillard: birds &emdash; Coots at dusk, Central Park Reservoir

I suppose ducks seem generally more friendly, though you know their private lives are appalling.

Ed Gaillard: birds &emdash; Canvasback ducks, Spuyten Duyvil Creek

Oh, what the heck, here's a couple of more gulls, just chillin'.

Ed Gaillard: birds &emdash; Ring-Billed Gulls, Hudson River at Dyckman Street

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