Sunday, June 15, 2014

Greene County trip planning

Friends of ours have a summer place in Prattsville NY (in Greene County in the Catskills), and they've kindly offered to take us up there for a couple of days soon.

We've been there twice before, once in mid-October and once in early September. It's a great place with a beautiful piece of land, given over to meadows and bordered by woods. The birding was a little sparse, although the first time we were greeted by a Ruffed Grouse as we pulled into the driveway

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Ruffed Grouse, Prattsville NY

and there were a number of Bluebirds in the area.

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Eastern Bluebird, Greene County NY

In the September trip, we heard wild Turkeys--disturbed in the night by some predator, they went screaming past the house like the Wild Hunt--and also heard Great Horned Owls.

Since it will be nesting season this time, I'm wondering what else might be around. This is the western part of the county, out near the Delaware County line and fairly near Bearpen Mountain, though I don't think we'll make it over there. I wonder if there might be Pileated Woodpeckers in the area. Maybe some nesting warblers. All the eBird hotspots are in the east part of the county near the Hudson River, so that's no help.

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