Saturday, April 12, 2014


Just a quick note--lots of Palm Warblers at Tupelo Meadow in the Ramble; they seem to have arrived in numbers. Also a few Pine and Yellow-Rumped Warblers around. Friday evening I saw my first Black-and-White warbler of the year, at Willow Rock in the Ramble.

The B&W is a bit early, as are the Blue-Headed Vireos reported by Paul Sweet of the Museum of Natural History (whose morning birding group saw one at the Upper Lobe) and by a pair of young birders from South Carolina (who saw one at the Gill Overlook).

The Snipe was alleged to have been seen again at the eastern side of the Point this morning (that is, Friday morning). A Green Heron was seen in the North Woods.

Lots of Kinglets around, mostly Ruby-Crowned but a few Golden-Crowned as well. Many Flickers and Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers. There's still at least one Louisisna Waterthrush, around the Point.

Since my last counting update, I've had eight more species, for a total of 98 in New York County: Field Sparrows (which are being seen sporadically in Central Park), Ruby-Crowned Kinglet; Savannah Sparrow, Tree Swallow, and Barn Swallow, all in the northeast part of Randall's Island--Barn Swallows and Northern Rough-Winged Swallows have been seen on Harlem Meer in Central Park as well; the Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher from my Snipe hunt yesterday; and the Palm and Black-and-White warblers from today.

Lots of birds coming in already, and even more coming soon.

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