Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Might as well be Spring

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Fox Sparrow singing, Central Park
What does the Fox sing?

Everything has started singing, it seems. Tuesday, a Fox Sparrow sang near the Humming Tombstone while I searched for Woodcocks. I eventually found them. They aren't singing, but I'm told they've been doing flight displays around 9PM in teh Maintenance meadow.

At Evodia, the male Baltimore Oriole who overwintered was singing. The female Oriole did not seem impressed yet. Considering what a hard time he gave her over the last couple of months, I don't blame her.

There's a Rusty Blackbird who's been hanging out near Azalea Pond. He's singing too, in the Rusty's rusty-hinge way. Song Sparrows were singing everywhere, and White-Throated Sparrows, and Cardinals. Jays were making a variety sounds, some of them joyful.

The first Black-Crowned Night Heron of the season was asleep in a willow at the Point, well-screen by branches.  (That's species number 79 for me.)

Today I started at the Reservoir. There wasn't much singing, but the Red-Necked Grebe is still around, it's neck getting more breeding-plumage red every day. Buffleheads were plentiful, and Shovelers.

More Buffleheads at the Pool, and a lovely warm red-brown Swamp Sparrow on the Loch, and more Song Sparrows singing.

On Fifth Avenue and 105th, a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks is building a nest. I saw them carrying nesting materials.

Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Red-Tailed Hawk building a nest, Fifth Avenue and 105th Street
Off to find more sticks!

They better get with it--I hear Octavia has laid her eggs already.

I saw on the internets that a Lesser Black-Backed Gull was in the middle of the Reservoir, so I went back there.  I don't have a scope, but I scanned the gulls as best I could; also took some photos and zoomed in on them.  Nothing promising.  Then I took another look at the reports, and saw they were about a first-cycle Gull.  There's no chance I'd tell a first-cycle Lesser Black-Backed from a young Herring Gull.  Wrong equipment, wrong birder.

I got home before the rain.  Spring tomorrow;  warblers soon.  Those I can recognize.

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