Monday, December 16, 2013

Photos from Christmas Bird Count day

My best picture of the day was probably this Green-Winged teal on the Reservoir:
Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Green-Winged Teal, Central Park Reservoir

Here's the group of Scaup I ran around up to the Reservoir for after the Christmas Count tally:
Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Lesser Scaup, Central Park Reservoir

The Count itself was pretty quiet. We had a lot of Blue Jays:
Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; Blue Jay and construction material, Central Park

National Audubon Society President David Yarnold was also in the Great Lawn group I was part of, and spoke to the post-count tally meeting at the Armory:
Ed Gaillard: recent &emdash; David Yarnold

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